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It’s not just you–it’s getting hotter and more humid! Whether cooling and dehumidifying for the entire home or business is needed, or you are just looking for a few areas of comfort, Pine State Services can help.

Cooling and dehumidifying your home or business has never been easier. With the industry advances in ductless heat pumps and traditional central AC systems, comfort, adaptability, installation times, efficiency and costs have never been better. Many of these systems can be retrofitted to existing homes and businesses with little disruption or impact on the home, business, or adjacent properties.

Heat pumps are a popular option because of their performance, quick install time, and the added benefits of supplemental heating. These systems by Mitsubishi and Daikin consist of two components: The heat pump is the heart of the system and lives outside on a pad or wall bracket and is roughly the size of a suitcase. The indoor half of the system can come in the form of a wall head, floor console, ceiling cassette, or small ducted air handler. These systems can come as a single-zone or as a multiple-zone system based on the design. A common layout would be a zone for the main living area with second, third, and/or forth zones for the bedrooms. These systems can all be run in cooling, dehumidification, heating, or air circulation modes based on the season and need.

The more traditional central AC systems work for homeowners and businesses who are looking for complete cooling coverage for the property and are looking for a more hidden and discrete appearance. These systems have also advanced with variable speed outdoor air conditioners and variable speed indoor air handlers. These advancements have made the equipment quieter, considerably more efficient, and better adapted to zoning. The system consists of an outdoor air conditioner mounted on a ground pad and an indoor air handler often located in the attic or basement. The conditioned air is then distributed throughout the home or business via insulated duct work and ceiling and floor grills.

Not sure what might work best for you? Please give our team a call at (207) 883-1200 and we would be happy to meet and discuss all your options. We offer complete design and installation services.


Click here to watch a video from Mitsubishi on how Ductless Systems work. 

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