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Air Conditioning Sales & Installation

With longer periods of high temperatures and high humidity cooling and dehumidification have become not just a luxury but a requirement for many.  Air Conditioning your residence, business or second home has never been easier. We offer design, installation and service for both ductless and ducted systems.  Both of these systems can be retrofitted to an existing property or installed during construction or renovation.

The heat pump system’s that we install from Mitsubishi and Daikin offer exceptional efficiency, quiet performance and installation time’s as short as one day. These systems include an outdoor heat pump often pad or bracket mounted that is then connected to one or several indoor units. These indoor units deliver the conditioned air using wall heads, floor consoles, ceiling cassettes or through small duct systems. They offer opportunities to condition just the areas necessary creating a balanced, comfortable environment. Most of these systems also offer the benefit of providing air filtration and supplemental heating!

The more traditional central cooling systems remain a popular choice when the entire home or business needs to be cooled. These systems can still be zoned for different areas of the home or business to provide just the right amount of cooling. They often require a longer installation period but result in a more discrete appearance. They include an outdoor air conditioner and an indoor air handler that is often located in the attic or basement. These too can be installed to provide air filtration, humidification, dehumidification and heating. Pine State Services offers central cooling systems by Bryant, York and Mitsubishi.






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