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The term “furnace” is sometimes misused to describe all heating appliances, while in fact a furnace is an appliance that heats and blows air. These systems are common in Maine and are mated to a duct work system for their distribution. These systems can utilize natural gas, propane, or oil for their energy source.

Commonly, furnaces are mated with a cooling system. By adding a cooling coil and an outdoor air-conditioner, these systems will blow warm air during the heating season, and cool, dry air during the warm summer months.

These systems can be adapted to include zoning, air filtration, air purification, humidification, and central ventilation to meet the needs of your home or business.

Pine State Services offers both replacement and new installations for all fuel types using Bryant and York brand equipment. Call us today at (207) 883-1200 to set up an appointment to discuss all your options with one of our Comfort Advisors.

Danielle M. from Portland, ME says:

“Arrived quickly and immediately repaired my problem. Tech was careful not to bring snow and ice into my home. He explained the issue before repairing it and I had total confidence that it was fixed by the time he left. We’ve had no further issues.”