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Bathroom Plumbing

We don’t think much about our home’s plumbing until it doesn’t work properly. Then we realize how important our plumbing systems are to us! No one really thinks much about their shower until they run out of hot water or it starts leaking water everywhere. At Pine State Services, we understand that these issues can be annoying and you want them fixed the first time. That’s why we train our technicians and continually educate them on better practices and products available. We warranty all our labor and materials for two years. We even make sure that the technicians’ trucks are fully stocked and refilled daily with the appropriate supplies. We also understand that our customers’ time is too valuable to have our technician keep coming back and/or keep running to a supply house, so our warehouse team ensures that our tech will have the parts when he needs them most. We are proud of our truck stocking program we’ve developed, and we know it saves you money!

So when your bathroom needs refreshing or repairing, please don’t hesitate to call Pine State Services at (207) 883-1200. Why wait when you can simply call Pine State for all your bathroom plumbing needs in the greater Portland area?

Some of the most common bathroom plumbing services include:

  • Repair leaking toilet
  • Replace wax ring
  • Replace or upgrade your toilet
  • Remove clogs
  • Install and maintain specialty commercial toilets
  • Repair lavatory faucets or piping
  • Add or repair water shut off valves
  • Install pedestal sinks
  • Install bathroom vanities
  • Rough in plumbing for new construction or bathroom remodel, including tile work
  • Install new showers or bathtubs
  • Repair shower water lines or valves
  • Replace cartridges
  • Troubleshoot leaks & diagnose problems

Mike S. from Old Orchard Beach, ME says:

“I wanted to thank your guys for coming to my house on an emergency call yesterday. They solved the noise issue quickly. Pine State’s response was excellent as usual. Thanks again.”